Polson Iron Works - Engine Builds, 1937

These "Engine Builds" pages list the ships whose registration shows that Polson engines were used.
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Engine Builds

S.S. Klondike II

Launched: Whitehorse, May 1937
Built by: British Yukon Navigation Company, a subsidiary of the White Pass & Yukon Route railway (WP&YR) / White Pass & Yukon Route
Port of Registry: Dawson City, Yukon
Official No: 156744
She was formally designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1967.

Description of Vessel"
Length: .64 m (210’)
Width: 12.5 m (41.9’)
Molded Depth: 1.5 m (5.75’)
Loaded Draught: 1 m (40”)
Gross Tonnage: 1226.25 tonnes (1362.5 t)
Registered Tonnage: 918.45 tonnes (1020.5 t)
Cargo Capacity: 270 tonnes (approx 300 t)

Crew: 23 (in 1940)
Passengers (1st & 2nd Class): 75

Engines: 2 compound jet-condenser type producing 525 H.P.

Boiler: Locomotive type (fire tube) manufactured at the Polson Iron Works Toronto 1901. Previously used in the Steamer Yukoner & S.S. Klondike I (working pressure 184 lb.sq.in)

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